Upcoming Classes

Take a tour of Purple Farm Gardens, learn what’s growing each month and after learn a method to use up that garden goodness, whether it comes from Purple Frog Gardens, your own garden or foraging adventures.

Each class is from 6 to 8 pm.  Registration includes handouts and samples.  Register now for $35 per class.  We would be delighted to mail gift certificates to friends and family for you.


The Classes:

honeyAugust 28th – Infused Liquor, Honey, and Vinegar: Peruse the garden for fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables to create homemade cordials and infuse honey and vinegar for a wide variety of culinary and gift-giving use.  Register through PayPal.

September 25th – Soup Stocks and Vinegar from Scratch: Create flavorful soup stock  and vinegars from fresh ingredients without preservatives simply and easily.  We’ll also talk about ways in which to preserve the stock for future uses.  Register through PayPal.

Questions can be directed to:

Pam Gerwe of Purple Frog Gardens: pam@purplefroggardens.com or 862-0621

Kathie Lapcevic of Two Frog Home: mtkatiecakes@yahoo.com or 890-1212

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