We’re taking a break from in-person classes through January.  Stay tuned for classes starting February!

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  • Dear Mrs. Lapcevic,

    I took one of your classes at the Kalispell Comunity College in the fall of 2014. I learned many useful things, for which I am very thankful!
    The antiperspirant you thought us how to make, has been the best that I have ever used. I would like to make it again and use it for the rest of my life. Unfortunately. I misplaced the paper which had the recipe. Please, would ou be so kind to share it with me via email? I would be so happy! I am pregnant at the moment, and in two months. I must be ready for nursing. I really don’t want to go back to using those unhealthy store bought antiperspirants! Thank you so much for all that you do to help those around you with the things you know.


    Loredana Neuharth